Summer 2015 Workshops & registration will be online January 10th! We will be at Bryant Lake Regional Park, Fort Snelling Historic Site, Tony Schmidt Regional Park, West Bush Lake Park and French Regional Park!

Adventures in Cardboard - Storming the castle

Adventures in Cardboard - Storming the castle

2014 Summer Workshops:

Four spectacular activities in one program.

Arms & Armor

Construct and design your own suit of armor. Work independently or collaborate with a team. Spikes, fins, scales, plates, helmets, gauntlets, shields limited only by your imagination. Go classic or go mythic. Add your sword, ax, mace, halberd, spear or other deadly accoutrements. Use and improve what you make in daily games of capture the flag.

Giant Castle

Design and build an actual castle to inhabit, attack and defend with basic woodwork framing and large cardboard construction. Make walls festooned with battlements. Raise towers. Install a gatehouse with portcullis, arrow-loops and drop holes to defend the entryway.

Trail & Field Games

Develop group identities and team strategies to defend or storm the castle in daily competitions of capture the flag and other games. Plenty of paved paths for bicycle patrols, open fields for pitched battles, shoreline beaches for longboat raids and wooded trails for haunted towers and wizardry!

Campers are divided into six different houses each with its own set of virtues. The Houses of Arko, Drake, Sanglier, Aquila, Tiburon and Hart collaborate and compete in games that seek to instill integrity, chivalry, creativity and collaborative play.

Each week will also have optional special projects  with visiting local artists. Create a village, work on a giant maze, focus on siege engines, specialty bows or on more advanced live-action games.


Swimming breaks in local lakes round out the long summer days. What’s a summer camp experience without a cool body of water to leap into?

Basic Information:

  • Full day workshops, Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm
  • Weekly rate: $299
  • Bus Service from Powderhorn Park (first 3 sessions) $25
  • 4:1 staff-to-camper ratios.
  • Professional artists, teachers and counselors.
  • Lifeguard-certified staff at waterfront.

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